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The Foul Line…

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Blog Issues, Family, Health, PBCC

FIRST – I won the iPad 2 on Monday!!! Thanks for all of you who clicked and visited!!! I had over 1500 visits that day! Thanks to the teachers who spread the words in the schools and Michael who announced my blog at his conference (and thank you to the many conference members with iPhones and iPads that visited!!!). I’ve been playing with it a bit…trying to get the hang of it. Its a bit of a learning curve still! Any advice on apps would be great!!!


Have you ever felt like you were standing on the brink of a game-changing event that, in all reality, you really had no control over the outcome? I’ve attended several sporting events in my life, thanks to my younger brothers who were involved in soccer, baseball, basketball, a short time in track and field and even football. My favorite sport to play is soccer…but my spectator sport no doubt is basketball. I’ve been in the crowd at the most amazing, last-second game changing, buzzer shattering moments. You know the scene…usually the most quietest kid on the team gets fouled with 2 seconds left on the clock in a tie game. Its always the quiet kids that make this moment so much better. Funny thing is, i don’t care how much these players practice, in the end, with this kind of pressure, its a pure miracle when that ball swishes through the hoop in a foul shot attempt.

But we live for these moments…these times where life kind of stops and goes in slow motion. Time when some learn faith in something or someone that they never knew they had. time when fan might even wish they could take on the player’s burden.

That’s life. its filled with these on-edge, game-stopping moments.

That’s sort-of where i feel myself right now. This week has flew by way too quick and I’m updating now just so I can say I updated at all! My mind is focused on Monday’s first guided radiosurgery attempt and then Tuesday and Thursday’s chemo and ivig treatments. Its not the actual treatment part that bothers me…and to be completely honest here…it feels AMAZING to just sit for a bit and not have really any responsibilities…no doctors to call, no appointments to change, no emails to answer, no messes to clean, no lessons to plan, no meetings to attend….I can just sit and be me. It took a bit to realize the gift God had given me through this time…funny…I’m even somewhat excited to have this time to myself. i even registered for the ‘no visitors” list. its not that i don’t want friends to be with me…please don’t see it that way. but besides sleeping, I’m always responsible for someone, somewhere somehow! It stresses me out sometimes…this is my ‘escape’…normal people take a vacation, I go to chemo…tomato, tomato….

My point here is that next week could go in so many different directions! The oncology team is very prepared and ready for it all. On Monday, I will have a cardio team in the next room monitoring my heart during the treatment. If my heart rate drops, treatment will immediately stop and another course will be determined. The medication I am going through was selected just for me and my past dealing with various kinds…all have side effects (not even going there). There is also the change that during the radiosurgery that my cidp can be irritated enough to cause immediate pain, even temporary loss of use of my arms, legs or both. And today I signed the paper waiving my rights…

The ball is in the air…

Chemo is a return for me being that I had some involved with my previous ivig week (which has now been labeled a successful treatment for me…THIS IS HUGE being that it can take months to determine the right type and dosage of ivig that can work…in my case we’ve been at this since September, so not too bad). This Tuesday and Thursday I will have a full dose of chemo (I had a half of a dose spread over a week with my ivig…now I’ll be taking a dose a day). I was incredibly tired, nauseated and could barely eat anything during my last treatment…and this time WILL be worse (they are blunt about this). Steve has several types of soup recipes not just pulled…but he has all the food already purchased. He is determined to get food into me one way or another. I married a cook…I knew exactly what I was doing!

The ball is STILL in the air…

As the seconds count down to Monday, I am going to try to soak in every moment. I obviously hope for the best next week…God moved before, He can do it again. This time it just seems more real to me…there is no escaping a growing tumor in your brain. You can’t run from a laser light show shooting at your frontal lobe. I am hating the idea of getting poked over and over again for blood, iv, meds, chemo….(still would not like a port though).

But the hardest thing for me next week will come Wednesday night when our church, PBCC is having a Be HIS Family Dance night. I’m not sure if I’ll be there. Yet, funny thing is, I’m planning (more like assisting) as members from our congregations prepare for an event I SHOULD be at. I went out yesterday and got a long red carpet for everyone to enter on…because after all, the stars of the party are our guests! We have a bubble machine, laser lights, family dance music, games and just so much more. Whats hard for me to swallow is this will be a night families will remember for a long time. I want to be there and share a dance with Josh. I want to have the energy to act silly and cheer of my families that need this night out together. But right now, I’m preparing for an event I might not be at….its hard.

The other thing that will be difficult is Josh – he looked at me this morning and said, “Mommy, are you still sick?” Ugh…I hate these questions…trying to explain to a 4 year-old that mommy isn’t feeling completely well, but will be feeling horrible next week is…well, not possible. So, I told him I still had to go back to the doctor, but that I was feeling a LITTLE better today. It made him smile…and off we went.

The good thing about next week is that our family is well taken care of. I don’t have to worry about my boys…I can just focus on me.

The ball aint moving for a bit, so I’m outta here to spend time with our family…but I cared to update! Keep praying as I know you already are!


Just returned to the office after going on a field trip with Josh’s class to Play Plus (a huge indoor playground adventure for younger kids).

Ill be candid for a minute here…I was not feeling good this morning. A week from today, Ill be going through my first radiation treatment. I have so much I want to get done and the only thing rolling through my brain was “Why me God? Why now? Its not fair!” Though I believe I have every excuse in the book to have this attitude, it wrecks a persons day.
I didn’t want to get out of bed.
I didn’t want to face the day.
I didn’t want to deal with preparing for next week.
I was quite content, lying in my bed, dwelling on how bad my life seemed to be going.

Enter Josh crashing through tightly shut bedroom door. I knew what was coming. Josh flew mid-air over the bed and landed right next to me…literally, sharing my pillow. I looked over…somewhat annoyed, and he just smiled and laughed. Then he said “Who made the trees? God did! Who made me? God did! That’s awesome! Get up mom…lets go!”

God is Creator. God is the Beginning and the End. God is the Author of life…I’ve simply been invited into His story. I don’t get to choose my part, but I do know how the final chapter will end.
Yes…I got that from a 4 year-old…God speaks to me anywhere.

It could have stopped there…

After the field trip I told Josh we could swing by the park and eat lunch on the way to preschool. He was beyond excited…I was already exhausted from the CIDP and losing sleep last night.
We got to the park and started eating. Josh had a lunchable…I had a Sprite (its my lunch on most days). He started eating and the wind started moving his tray. I got annoyed…”Give me a break” I thought. “I’m trying to enjoy lunch with my son here!”
The wind blew harder…and I started getting frustrated. I went to grab Josh’s tray and he smiled and said “Look at this mom!” He had the one end of the tray in his mouth…holding it from the wind…smiling too.
I smiled. He was just laughing when I was getting frustrated by something so small.
I told him I wanted a picture…he told me to get in the picture too. He grabbed the cheese..I had the tray…and now I have a great memory too.

Just yesterday I was asking our elementary group what was the biggest thing they struggle with. One by one they whispered things like lying to my parents and fighting with my brother – into my ear. I gave each of them a heavy rock and wrote something that symbolized their struggle on it. I made a rock too…mine was worry. I told the kids that we carry these heavy struggles around with us all the time. They got it…it was great. After I told the story of the Prodigal Son, we talked about how God, like the father, will take us back…no matter how many rocks we have. I took a huge hammer and told the kids that just like when they nailed Jesus to the cross, God can smash any struggle you have…and that rock was dust. My boys were beyond glued! We ended with a small celebration for the son that came home…all my group had cake. It was great. They took their rocks home as a reminder of what God can do.
I came back and saw my rock, marked with a “W” for worry, sitting on my desk. I taught the lesson…but I missed the point, until now.

Funny how God speaks through kids, wind and rocks.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.” (1 Peter 5:7 NLT)

Josh and mommy at the park!

Some of our kids showcasing their “rocks”

Our “Welcome Home” (referring to the Prodigal Son) “Rock Star” (God) Cake 🙂 

My huge “Worry Rock” (We had a dad make these out of concrete…they turned out AMAZING!!! Thank you Chris!!!)

Thank You PBCC!

Posted: January 9, 2012 in PBCC, Thanks

I wrote this email today and it was sent out to all of our members here at Palm Bay Christian Church. I was going to just let it be, but I felt like sharing it on here as well. I realize full-well that for some strange reason I have readers that are not even here at this church…some are not even based in Florida…even others are in other countries and I have no clue who you are…but I welcome all!

I wanted to share my new found definition of a church from a church staff member’s viewpoint. In my world, you go where God wants you to be. In our case, its far away from our parents (Steve’s lives in PA, mine in KY). Steve and I learned early on the dynamics of a church is completely different to a minister’s-kid…its true!

So, as you read this, dance with me please! I am so excited to be here at PBCC and just overwhelmed what God is doing in my life as well as others in our congregation. “God Things Happen Here”…I like this new slogan some of our members have adopted.

For those of you that do attend a church…this will help you get life from a ministry staff perspective. Those of you on staff at a church, this is what a church built on un-conditional love looks like…I’ve not seen it before in my personal life…glad I can start now.

Dear our family here at PBCC –

I’m not sure where to start. When my health started failing back in August, I remember thinking, “No way am I taking a break from what I love here at PBCC!” I continued to press forward to the point that it was obvious I had to allow my church family in to help. Through meals, prayers, cards, playing with our kids, offering rides, encouragement…you not only helped, you accepted us in. I defined my role here at PBCC by my title which requires effort on my part. I prepare the lessons. I recruit, train and encourage volunteers. I love on these amazing kids! I plan, I create…you get the picture here. All of the sudden, you came in as a church family and SHOWED me that I am so much more valuable than what I do…you showed me that true love is accepting people just as they are. I have never had that demonstrated before in my life. I pushed some of you off…and some of you pushed me back! I struggled with letting this new, tighter relationship develop between my “work” and this new family we were coming to know closer than ever before. I was scared because I didn’t want to disappoint you…I wanted to help you (that is my job after all!). What was demonstrated last Sunday through the fund that you, our family, set aside for us – I can only label it as “pure, unconditional love.” I had such a hard time expressing what I was feeling because, you see, “I” didn’t do anything to deserve any of this (sound familiar from one of Tracy’s sermons?). I was overcome, smacked blind sighted by unconditional love. It’s hard to define something you have never felt or seen before. Now I can truly say I have a church family based on raw, in-your-face,  un-conditional love. I don’t think there are many other family ministers out there than can truly say this…I can’t wait to share what I have!

You have given my family peace, hope and a new way of living. No more will I carry the burden of being a financial debt to my family through these health issues. No longer will we stress when our insurance tells us that we need to pay now or the creditors will be notified. No longer will Josh see the mail on the table sit for days because he knows mommy and daddy hate looking at the bills. Even when these financial funds are consumed, no longer will I live thinking what I do here at church defines our relationship. You truly love me and our family for who we are…thank you for loving us so much. Thanks for making us a part of your lives. Thanks for following your heart. Thank you for making love a verb that will forever change my vocabulary. Oh by the way…as if you didn’t already know…we love you all too!


Bethany Boring

You were bought “as-is” – now go, be used as HIS.

Joshua 1:9


Posted: January 9, 2012 in PBCC, Thanks

I couldn’t think of a better title for this day. A day that blew up my understanding of God once again. Just when I thought I was starting to understand this amazing Healer and Comforter I learn today that HE is quite a dancer as well.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.
This morning I was not feeling well…but I haven’t missed a Sunday since July when my health started tinkering…so it really does take a force of nature to keep me home. Plus, these family moments on Sundays keep my week going. I can’t make it through without my Palm Bay Christian Church family.

I’ve written about how PBCC has pulled together and supported our family in so many ways. Meals are still being brought-in, cards mailed, kids played with…and spoiled, phone calls made, emails sent, office cleaned and volunteers pull together to make everything work as if I was still there…(not as good as me being there…but close!).

I get to church an hour before our adult Bible study hour every Sunday…8AM sharp. I walk around the building trying to get everything set-up. I’m learning that pushing, pulling and quick turns are not my strong points…yet!

I have a bit of downtime, so I spend a few minutes in with the adult Bible study group…love this class! I can’t go in or leave without smiling! Great discussion too…maybe I can catch next week too!
Headed into the service…still walking and stopping frequently for hugs and to retell my Friday story again…I don’t mind, it doesn’t get old! Love just being with close friends here…I feel like everyone gets me in such a close way…oh, and I get them too! That’s why the term “church” defines people, rather than a building.

Because of doctors orders I was confined to just attending church…not really being able to do my ministry roles with the kids, volunteers…I still feel lacking in this part of my life. Yet, its when I just come, without a title, that I realize this congregation…these people truly accept me for who I am as a person. I’m not just a staff member to them…I’m really part of the family. The worship service starts…I’m moving my feet…literally to the music. I haven’t been able to stand for worship in months…loving the new view!

So many of the songs took on new meaning today. I sang to God rather than about Him. Words are amazing. If I had more energy I would add a few lyrics but I’m just way too tired tonight.
Ken did an amazing job with communion sharing the joy of being a father for a full year. Tracy spoke on the father’s role in the Prodigal Son parable. I’ve lived this parable inside the college classroom, on the children’s ministry stage and in my devotional life. Yet today…I got a glimpse of my Abba Father in a new way.

HE dances. Not only does He dance, but he busts a groove with me! So many times I catch myself whispering “Thank You” to Him during the day. This story ended with a party where we can see the dad in the story is throwing for his lost son. The father doesn’t judge, he forgives and says, Lets party! (This is extremely short tonight…I’m tired but will follow-up with another blog just on this parable at a later time…Tracy Twaddell is such an AMAZING part of our church here at PBCC. He is the one who showed me that God can truly use anyone, no matter where they may find themself. Great messages from an amazing minister.

On Friday, I felt like dancing…literally and I pictured God looking down at me smiling. But today, for the first time (flowing from the message) I realized I wasn’t dancing alone…He was right there celebrating with me the entire time.

At the end of the service, Steve and I were called forward. My big news from Friday was shared…not by me, but through one of our leaders. I’m telling you people…if you want to be humbled, hear your testimony through another set of eyes. I was in tears…I NEVER cry…and I was completely drenched! …I really don’t like crying in public…but being this is my church family it was better…everyone joined with us in celebration.

But…as I should have known, our PBCC family took it a step farther. They were taking up donations in order to start a fund to help us with my medical expenses. The amount raised just left me absolutely speechless that a church could do. I’m not mentioning a number here because numbers are not important. People actively joining together to meet an incredible need out of love…thats something I have never received before. I’m still struggling to come up with the right words to describe my feelings tonight…

I still feel so just…LOVED. To think that our congregation…our family came together for such a big way for a couple of joes like us…RIGHT when I was feeling so unfilled by not being able to do my role here the way I used to, my family comes around me and loves me…loves us just the way we are. I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS…but I’m working on it.

Excited, thankful, blessed, gracious, empathetic, un-deserved, loved
I give up! God is going to remain unexplainable and able to meet all of my needs. This week I start by giving up my desire to understand God…instead, I think I’m going to just dance.
Join-in…its great!
PRAYER REQUEST – Folllw-up drs appointment tomorrow at 1:30. Pray that they find nothing! If something is needed…pray that it is easy. I need my Children’s Pastors Conference in Orlando…I want the green light to go and be free for a bit. Say a prayer for me please!

Goodnight! I’m going to attempt going to bed now…it would be SO nice to just drift off and stay asleep….

Summer Is Here!

Posted: June 10, 2011 in PBCC

Just a quick update with a few reminders to our PBCC families:

The church website is filled with current and upcoming summer activities.
“Backstage With The Bible” is July 25-29 2011 (register online or at the church starting in July).
The Palm Bay Christian Family Ministry Facebook page is always updated! Join the group to keep updates, view pictures and videos!

Our summer is already off to a great start…and its not too late to get in on all the fun! We will see you soon!