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Posted: November 8, 2013 in Online Bible Study, Proverbs 31 OBS
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Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— (John 1:12 NIV)


All of my life, from little girl to now grown woman and mom, my heart has yearned to feel – experience an Abba father’s love. In my younger days, I often found myself staring endlessly at other children as their dad’s would lift them high in the air and place them on the comfort of his shoulders. As a mom, now, I sometimes catch myself in a daze as I watch my husband wrestle with our kids as they shriek with laughter. Part of me, even today, asks, “What exactly does that type of love feel like?” And now, for the first time, I finally can enjoy the love my Abba Daddy – Heavenly Father has given me through the new birthright to experience His lavishing love, forever. 

The passage above is so powerful and my verse mapping time was just so deep…so incredible, yet my writing would appear almost un-readable if I tried posting it here. SO…lets just dive-in this way…

YET – This word forces you to look at the previous passage. Oh my goodness…I keep forgetting that when these original manuscripts were written, there were no chapters and verses! These were all one big, large and deep letters to other believers! This is right at the beginning of John’s letter, so I jumped to the start of the entire conversation. If you read through the beginning…John paints a picture of an amazing light – the Word, that created the world and everything in it. Yet, these creations failed to see this amazing, everlasting Light and the love this Light wanted to share so badly with the very creation He made. So, the Light took on flesh, becoming just like the creations He took precious time in making…but His creations were so comfortable with their darkness…they walked away from the Light. Hope sounded too good. Love was too comfortable. There were laws and things simply were the way they were (sound familiar??). The term YET suddenly gives the reader hope that maybe something different might occur here..maybe the Light would force His power on His creation? Maybe, suddenly the chosen people…those who saw the Light through the burning bush…those who saw the Light that was needed to cross the Red Sea…those who saw the Light guide them into the Promised Land…surely those people would connect the dots here! That Light was here! Here was hope and perfect love…in the flesh!!!


TO ALL WHO DID RECEIVE HIM – Well, this has two distinct stories wrapped into one phrase…

1. – Not everyone received the Light. Like mentioned above, just like today, we have been so stinkin’ comfortable believing in the lies here in the dark, thinking we were designed with the power needed to find our own way…when we are met with a Light this bright, this bold, this True…we wither squint and walk away feeling its just too different, or we squint, dig deep down within our soul and we realize that we were never made to make in this world on our own. 

2. – There were “all” that did receive Him! There were those out there that had stumbled in the darkness for too long. There were those out there that knew and clung onto the hope that one day, one amazing day, they could finally find peace…a peace that really does surpass all human understanding. These people, though stuck in the darkness, kept searching for that need, that craving for something – anything more. Then, one amazing day, they came face-to-face (oh my goodness…can you imagine?!) with the Light! The Light not only pierced their hearts, forced them to think differently…but this Light transformed their soul. The very center of their being that knew their had to be something more…this soul was suddenly satisfied, given hope, a purpose and was “Home.” 


TO THOSE WHO BELIEVED IN HIS NAME – People knew the Israelites believed there was to be One to come – the Christ…the very One Isaiah spoke of many years before Mary was even born! 

For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6 NLT)

Yet, even John the Baptist questioned Jesus’ true identity (see Matthew 11:1-19). 

You see, most would picture this Light to be filled with authority, forcefulness and obvious kingdom power. But, the Light just seemed so different than what they expected. It was somewhat uncomfortable going against all of these false beliefs that they once held so close. To believe in the Light required turning away from the darkness and believing in a love that was endless, grace that was not determined by works and frankly a new free life of salvation that may have seemed way too good to be true. 

But there were those…those that met Jesus and knew in their soul, this God in flesh man was indeed the Christ. These people made it past the challenges to figure it all out. They untangled the fear of doubt and received the hope and freedom that only Christ can bring. Those who accepted Jesus and placed their hope in Him met the “Wonderful Counselor,” “Mighty God,” “Everlasting Father,” and “Prince of Peace” face-to-face…and unlike Moses, their soul-glow never faded. 



The Light gave His creation a right! The Light that took on flesh, walked into the darkness, was confused by His own, was disposed and killed…that Everlasting Light gave us (the very ones He came for) a right! No other creation, besides humanity, has ever been given rights by the Creator Himself! This right, if accepted, connects all humanity with their Creator for an intimate, Father-Daughter…Father-Son connection. This type of closeness CAN be experienced while still here on earth, you don’t have to wait until Heaven! The Light wants you, as you are, every inch of your being…He wants you to want Him. 

The embrace of Abba Daddy is amazing! It tells us we are valued, we are loved, we are important, we can rest, we are safe, we have a purpose, we have a hope…and we belong to God. In essence, the price has been paid, the battle has already been won, Your Daddy chose you to be with Him right now…and yes, He is saving the best part for later. We are invited into the best family in the world! 


So…to those who have always chased after the love of a father, the embrace of a mother…to those who sleep with tear-drenched pillows, to those that have given-up on ever being good enough for Him, to those who can’t really even describe love…to those that are about to give-up…

I’ve been there. 

Don’t give-up looking for your Abba Daddy. He fought for your pain on the cross friend and He is standing right there now…as a loving Daddy, simply ready to love you…you (the one he created). You see, because of the way we view our experiences, Gods love may look at bit different to us….but here is the thing, God looks at us and sees simply His Child….we will always and forevermore be His Child…that never changes, period. He will always be our proud Father. 

So…who are you? 

I am His Child…He gave that right to me when I accepted and believed in the name of Jesus Christ. My sins have been erased. I am free to love, free to live and free to receive all power through His mighty name. 

So…Who’s your Daddy? 



I Am Yours

(a song for my Abba Daddy)

Written October 22, 2013 

 In the loneliness of my heart I wonder,
Searching for something pure – something true,
As I search for meaning, I want to remain here no longer,
My heart is broken Lord, thirsting, aching for You.

I run home to your open arms,
Safe from fear, free from alarms,
Unconditional love is what I’ve been looking for,
Take me Daddy – today I am Yours.

I know what it means to be lost and alone,
I understand the pain of wounding arrows and pain,
With each step I’ve struggled to fight for peace on my own
Abba Daddy – You have won my battle – Oh the enemy you have slain!

I run home to Your open arms,
Safe from fear, free from alarms,
Unconditional love is what I’ve been looking for,
Take me Daddy – today I am Yours

You found me here in my desert place,
Brought me back to life through Your embrace,
Never let me go Daddy – as I chase You day by day,
I am Yours, You are mine – cherish me today.

I run home to your open arms,
Safe from fear, free from alarms,
Uncoditional love is what I’ve been looking for,
Take me Daddy – today I am yours,

Today I am Yours.

  1. Renee Swope says:

    Wow, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart. Mine is so full after reading your post tonight! ~Renee

    • Renee,
      Wow right back at ya! Funny, I started this blog as a way to share my whole heart with the Proverbs 31 Blog Hop. “A Confident Heart” came into my life literally after I went through taking off my mask and allowing Gods love to transform my life for the first time (an incredible retreat started this new journey Im now on). I just can’t tell you how God has used this study to firm my entire identity (past, present and future) in Him, by Him and for Him. I posted mainly as a way to say, “God, I’m laying it out there…use these words as You want…I’m done hiding.” I really expected no replies…hehe…funny that you were the first one! Thanks for reading and for your book! Hope to meet you face-to-face someday!

  2. Janet S says:

    I am a child of my Father and he loves me. Beautiful

  3. Mary Bankert says:

    Great message and in depth look at the verse! Thanks for sharing and posting, we are proud of you and benefit from your journey too! 🙂

    • Mary,
      You make me smile! I think you were one of the first that told me God has given me the gift of writing…but I always felt like I was holding back. Now that I know #WhoIAm I can share freely…thank you for your acceptance and encouragement!

  4. Leah Jlyn says:

    Reading this made me want to through my hands up and around you.

    • Leah,
      Thanks! Not much of a hugger…yet. But I’m learning through the humbling yet powerful embraces I receive through my Abba. Maybe one of these days we can meet and share stories, eh? Bless you friend!

  5. So beautiful Bethany, just like you. I love you sister. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    • Hope –
      Wow…I feel truly honored to have a comment like this…from a fellow blogger…from a blog that I get caught-up reading so often! :). I kind of feel like we are both up high on His shoulders sharing a high-five about now…we are both sharing our journeys, sharing our hearts…just so amazing to see how God can be so present at the core of every story…just wow! Thanks!!!

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