Thank You

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
Perhaps I should continue my #blessed post here…I’m just floored with the outpouring of love for our family right now!
But before I get to that, a quick update – I got home around 4pm yesterday. We are still living out of boxes here in many ways! I was able to borrow a walker from the church and my electric scooter will soon be getting repaired at Brownings…if not today, by Monday. We went driving in search of fireworks last night and I’ve got to admit, it was a blast! Steve piled the boys up in the van, I wobbled out and off we went. As we drove the boys were pointing out fireworks from every angle in the van. The humor increased when Steve parked and it seemed like the fireworks would stop or go behind a tree. The boys only somewhat cared…nothing a YouTube video of fireworks couldn’t cure :). It was so much fun…un-planned, so-not-perfect family fun. I made it to bed around 11pm “ish” and got up this morning around 11am. As I write, I believe everyone but Steve are still sporting their pajamas! 
I also wanted to say THANKS to…
Rich Plew – For helping to coordinate our move out of the house, helping Steve clean the house after the move, checking on me at the hospital…seriously, you need a break! You mean so much to our family…thank you!! 
Sean Messer, the Nash Family, Conway Huie – You all were a lifesaver helping Steve move all of our stuff into storage and to the condo. I can’t thank you enough for simply giving of your time and energy to help get everything moved and organized. 
Terri Messer – thanks for taking on all three boys for Friday through Sunday so that Steve could focus on moving and cleaning! You even brought the boys by the hospital to see me which meant SO much!!! Josh won’t stop talking about all the fun he had with you! THANKS!!!
Beth and McCall Martin and Julie Wattwood – Beth got me to the hospital while McCall was along for the ride! They stayed with me most of Thursday…about 8 hours!!! Julie brought by dinner for them and got me smiling. Love you all! Thanks for being there! 
Kay Plew – you helped me get to my doctors to try to determine what was going on. You also are the “un-official” smoothie delivery service! Thanks for helping Steve pack-up the house!!! You were a HUGE help and encouragement!!
Rich and Kay Plew, Terri Messer, the Nash Family, Lynn Ozment, Melissa Harmon, Pam Plymale, Dana Lusardi, Dorrinda Schultz, Beth Martin, McCall Martin, Morgan Hallett, Cheryl Smith – I think I got everyone who came down to visit me in the hospital! My nurse staff actually had a running joke on where my next smoothie would come from! By the end of my stay I had a plant, 5 smoothies from 3 different places and a grilled chicken wrap! :). It never seemed to fail, the second I started to feel discouraged, people…my friends, would show-up and just renew my strength. You all are amazing! 
Lynn Ozment – you gave me a ride home and waited forever for my wheelchair assist to get going at the hospital! Thank you for the fun drive!! 
So now comes the fun part of physical therapy, adjusting to life in a new place and cranking-up the prayers for Steve to get a job. Right now the only “to-do” on my list is rest and recover. I have a feeling with our amazing friends and family surrounding us, the future almost predicts itself! 
Here we go! 

Bethany, I have a special plan and purpose for your life. Seek hope in Me.  Jeremiah 29:11


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