Posted: July 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and calls, so I thought I would just post what’s going on in one place.

I’ve been in the hospital since Thursday, but Im feeling better now. I was brought in because I was so sick, I was not very responsive. I’d not been feeling well and after a few doctor visits, I was told it was a bad stomach bug, with an ear-infection and just being stressed. I still didn’t feel right and to the ER I went Thursday.

I was pretty much drained of energy and struggling to keep fluids down Thursday through Saturday. I literally ate and slept. I didn’t know where my phone was…AND I DIDN’T CARE! (Yes, it was that bad).

When the team tried getting me up to walk, my legs continued to be weak. I’ve been working with physical therapy here in the hospital, but will continue after I get released (tomorrow hopefully). I told them I would stay today to investigate steroid treatment.

Drs are saying cyst rupture and CSF leak started an infection which escalated my headaches. With my added travel, stress and constant going…my body wasn’t able to battle it off. I also had a severe dehydration, severe middle ear infection (Mis-diagnosed twice) and a stomach bug. Combined with the rapid introduction of an intense beta blocker, sleeping aides and amoxicillin as a very poor antibiotic – my body went into a bit of shock. It was a crazy week I choose not to relive.

So.. We are doing ok. Steve and an amazing crew got us moved out of the house and we closed right here in the hospital. Steve has been taking the last few days to just find things and reorganize our temporary “home.” We are staying at my parents condo until we can figure out next steps.

Many have asked how they can help. I ask you to ask Steve right now until I am released. Once I get “home” Im sure our needs will be made known quickly. In other words, we love you – keep asking!!

This is the promise I’ve been clinging to over these past few days…
Call on Me Bethany, when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you. Psalms 91:15

Praying for Him to bring peace and guide our steps.


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