Getting The Swing Of Things

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

We knew it was coming. We've seen it before. We knew that no matter how much we prepared, it would still hit and catch us off guard.

What is “it”?

Adjusting to a different routine…or frankly, making it without a routine for a while.

Tired moms and dads know this reality all too well, and we just accepted that once Matthew was here, our “routine” was gone…period. For a bit of a control freak like me, this acknowledgement helped make the transition a bit easier for our family, including the older boys. We knew that Matthew could have been born with multiple health issues and our concerns were for a healthy delivery. That just kicks any routine out the window.

BUT everyone has been home this week on Spring Break. Mommy's back is still sore and now three members of the family (mommy, daddy and Caden) are dealing with colds. I thought this week was going to be insane. I was wrong. The older boys LOVE getting time with their younger brother. Mommy made time to be with the older boys for a bit and daddy has spent awake time with Matthew. I even got into see a doctor about my back and finally have a routine that provides temporary relief (involving ice, stretches and lots of Aleve). I even made it to the mall by myself with the older boys without screaming in pain!

MAtthew is doing great too. He is still in that “I'm napping during the day” phase and he is a HUGE eater! It has been a relief NOT having any doctor appointments this week! Yay!

Someone wants to eat…so I will end here. Pictures to come later when I can! love you all!


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