Hearing Test Update

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

On Thursday morning we headed-out around 5:30 with Matthew bundled-up tightly. My parents are still in-town and were able to stay with the older two. My back was still sore, so I'm so thankful Steve is around to help lift.

Matthew was scheduled at Arnold Palmer for an ABR hearing test. He failed the hearing test at the hospital. The pediatric audiologist was unable to get a good read on him which referred us to Arnold Palmer…a good 90 minute drive for us.

I was hoping that everything was just a mistake. I wanted the results to show that Matthew was hearing and we could finally put this chaos behind us.

As we sat there, trying to get Matthew to sleep for the test, my stomach just knotted up. We were told before the test even started that we would get results today. I was so nervous. Steve ended-up rocking Matthew to sleep due to his consistent hiccups. I could view Steve holding Matthew during the entire test…as well as the computer screen showing sound waves that made absolutely no sense to me. As a mom, you just sit there, watching these cords coming from your child and you feel helpless. I wanted to cry – but I kept telling myself that I needed to be strong.

We were told that Matthew did have hearing-loss, but the severity was never discussed. We were told to follow-up in 4 weeks with another test, just to make sure that the loss is indeed consistent in both ears (I'm still hoping that the results will show otherwise). If things remain the same, Matthew will need hearing-aids. So, we praise God that the hearing loss can at least be corrected…but as a mom who grew-up with hearing-loss, I just dread the challenges our son may face…nor can I imagine a baby actually wearing hearing-aids…this will be an adventure for all of us.

BUT…we are getting ahead of ourselves. His next appointment is April 18th. In the meantime we roll-on as normal.

We finally have a break from doctor appointments this next week…and all of our kids will be home, together. My back is feeling somewhat better, but I'm hoping to get to the point where I can take Matthew out by myself.

Pictures from this week are attached – one from the hearing test and the other of all three of our amazing boys! Mixture of emotions this week, but when everything is said and done, God is in control and He has never left us thus far…and doesn't plan on going anywhere anytime soon. That's enough to keep me smiling…well, that and our boys!


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