2 Weeks Old!

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow Matthew will be 2 weeks old! It is SO hard for me to believe that he is here, one ounce less than his big birth weight and besides a diaper rash, he is doing just great!

Tomorrow we head to Orlando to Arnold Palmer Children s Hospital for the ABR hearing test. We leave early in the AM (we decided to save money and not get a motel…and everyone trying to sleep in that motel thanks us I’m sure!). The test should start around 8AM. In order for them to do a complete test, Matthew MUST be asleep…and this is our responsibility. A week or so ago when we met with the pediatric audiologist, Matthew was sound asleep, but moved constantly due to the poking in the ear that was necessary to do the test. So, if he does this again tomorrow, most likely we will go the following Tuesday for a sedated test…and I REALLY do not want them to put our 2 week-old to sleep (its a mommy thing).

So, pray for a successful test. Pray for CLEAR results. Pray that mommy and daddy can get the results tomorrow (they could send us on our way without saying anything and it can take up to THREE weeks to learn the results from our local doctor). i will post again when I can about our day tomorrow.

…And as for the older two…they will be heading to preschool like normal (grandma and pap-pap will make sure of that!). They are enjoying their new baby brother, BUT having a hard time trying to adjust to getting mommy and daddy’s half attention at times. I’m sure they will get the hang of things eventually.

My back went out late Monday night. I literally went from picking up little cars off the floor that i could barely see a few weeks ago over my huge belly, to rolling to the edge of the bed, biting my lip in pain. It’s Wednesday evening and I’m able to walk in a certain way to have less pain, but bending down and especially lifting anything other than Matthew is a no go. It’s frustrating! For those of you out there that know me well, you know how HARD it is for me to stay home for a long period of time. I need people! i need to be out! I want to show-off our kids 😉  i am hoping by the weekend to feel well enough to get out with all three boys…next week is Spring Break!

Here are a few pictures from week 2! Enjoy!


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