Eviction Notice

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

There comes a time in every pregnancy where we women, though “glowing” as we may be to others…just plain ol’ get tired of the aches, pains and carrying baby around. In pregnancy terms, its our way of giving our new bundle of joy their “eviction notice”. “Yes, we love you…now come out and join our world!”

…And mom still doesn’t get any sleep at night regardless. But that’s what moms do.

I think I’m about to that point. I’m over the constant heartburn, the rumbling movement of Matthew awakening at 2, 3 and 4AM in the morning, the waddle walk and the fun moment when determining if bending down is REALLY worth the effort (that’s what kids are for).

Yet, I remember shortly after Josh and Caden were born, during those late night rocking sessions going, “Wait…did I really want you out?” Yes, I did and those sessions for our two were short lived.

I can’t wait to meet our little Matthew. Will he have hair like Caden or bald like Josh? Will labor be easy or challenging? Will I go on my own or will I need induced (like the previous two)?

I’ve spent this week at the office preparing our volunteers and leaders for my maternity leave, which starts after Matthew is here. I think after literally getting everything prepared as much as can be expected, my mind just goes, “Okay, I’m ready now!”

My last appointment with the Dr ended with “Okay Bethany, if you are still here next week…” STILL HERE? What? Of course he was joking, but reality is I can go anytime and its hard to predict WHEN Matthew will choose to make his move.

Personally, I think there is still more time to go…I still don’t have the hospital bag packed! But if one more person asks me if I feel like I’m going to pop…well, I just might!


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