Getting There

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last Saturday initiated the whirlwind of reaffirming questions everyone receives at this fun point during their pregnancy.

Where are you due again?
How are you feeling?
Do they think you will go early?
What hospital are you delivering at? 
Are they for SURE that you are having a boy?
Are you having any contractions? 
Can I feel your belly (usually touching first before asking). 
You are still around? 
Is the nursery ready?
Do you need anything? 
I list all of these things SMILING…because I literally have most answers already loaded and ready to fire! 
Last Saturday was my baby shower, thrown wonderfully by the women’s ministry here at our amazing church. I was showered with diapers, wipes, cute clothes, bottles, bibs…accessories! It didn’t hit me until afterwards that I forgot to take any pictures! Too busy talking I guess! 
Last week Steve went through double hernia surgery, which put him out of commission over the last few days. Caden (our youngest) was sick most of last week and part of this week with some odd stomach bug. my parents were around and assisted while I worked, went to the shower and then took care of the kids and Steve…whew… 
My doctor’s appointment on Monday revealed my blood pressure was a “tad higher than usual.” After telling the doctor about my last few days he literally laughed and said, “And they call you Boring!” Yea…I tried to change that… 
Tomorrow will mark 36 weeks…at 37 weeks the baby is labeled “safe to deliver.” Thinking maybe I’ll work on getting the bag for the hospital packed…starting with finding the bag itself! Between me starting, Steve adding and my parents cleaning…the nursery is ALMOST ready! I’ll post pics once we get the bedding on and the curtains up! 
Below is a video a friend posted on Facebook…it had both Steve and myself cracking up! Enjoy 🙂 

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