Full Speed Ahead

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

The toy room actually looks like a nursery now.
The crib has been reassembled (a few times) and is in working condition.
We found a GREAT deal on an open-box baby swing (assembled and tested too).
Recently had to purchase a few more maternity tops to get me through the next few weeks (I waited as long as I possibly could).
We got a glider and ottoman off of Craigs List for nearly nothing…still new with the plastic covering.

It’s coming together…

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. I am forcing myself not to do any laundry for the baby until 36 weeks…might even hold out until 37 weeks.

Baby shower (unexpected but EXTREMELY grateful) this weekend sponsored by our church.

I still find myself in the baby’s room in somewhat disbelief that this child is actually coming and has overcome SO many obstacles. I am still battling questions in my mind, even after all of the testing and ultrasounds…still questioning if they missed something, somewhere.

We all question at times I believe God just wants us to trust and enjoy the moment.

I see the doctor next week and then once a week (at least) until Matthew makes his entrance to the world. So far, no issues. In fact (in case you missed it) I am officially in “remission” status AND pacemaker only had one issue over the past few months! With both of these HUGE milestones, I have been downgraded in status for Matthew’s delivery. In common terms – we now have a chance at a normal delivery experience without the need for additional hospital staff such as oncology and cardiology literally in the room (though they will be monitoring from a distance I’m sure). My next cardio exam isn’t booked until July…WOW! Finally I have had the time to focus on baby and family preparations.

As I said…full speed ahead…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great time in your life, Bethany! Enjoy every precious moment!
    Linda Crews

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