Doing Well

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

It's Friday and I'm proud to say that I was able to enjoy time in my pajamas until 11AM because Steve agreed to take the kids to school…so this is what a day-off feels like?!

Tuesday was a whirlwind. I was able to see our little man twice through ultrasound. He was very much active and kicking away! It was such a relief to me to not only feel him moving all day, but see his activity on the screen! He is actually kicking so hard, it has caused bruising on my back, which may have led to causing the CSF leak (it's only a guess by my ultrasound tech, followed by the advice to try prenatal yoga and a prenatal massage). Funny, our little man is moving and kicking so hard, THAT is what we are worrying about – as opposed to the countless other issues that I could fear occurring.

God is laughing…I just know it.

Headaches are gone. I went through Wednesday and Thursday feeling dizzy and tired (side effects from the treatment) but that was it. I of course, kept working and today was a nice day-off filled with cleaning, organizing and grocery shopping (yes, I really do find this relaxing).

As long as the headaches do not return, I have a follow-up right before Christmas and possibly a MRI the same day. I'll keep everyone posted.

It feels so nice to be home.


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