Gods Got It Covered

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Mrs Bethany, God's got it covered.”

That was spoken from one of my elementary students last Wednesday evening and I just keep replaying that statement through my head. What if we actually lived like we believed that, you know, God has it covered.

Last Wednesday I was teaching our elementary students about Genesis, the Beginning and ended with the days of creation. I asked a question that left most of my students silent…eyes widened and you could see the wheels turning (as a teacher, you LIVE for these moments!).

My question was simply, “If God created light on the first day, where did the light come from? The sun and moon were not created until day 4.”

The kids that usually speak before I can have time to even get the first syllable of their name out…those were the kids that were just in silent awe. How could that be possible? Light without sun? God, look, you NEED the sun, the moon and the stars for light! What were you thinking?

As if WE think we know the way it should be…don't we all…

I think God did this on purpose. regardless of what the “light” was, we know that God did NOT need the sun, the moon or the stars to be present to make His plan work. It doesn't make sense straight from the text, but why does it have to? Why do we need God to explain why He did what He did…as if we, His creation, deserve a detailed explanation from the Creator? I think not.

That's why when a little voice broke the silence and said, “Mrs Bethany, Gods got it covered” – well, I smiled, nodded and added, “God ALWAYS has it covered.”

Going through the tests, chemo, radiation, sickness, weakness….I questioned God silently many times, but never did I question if He knew what He was doing. I questioned WHY He was allowing it and when it would end, but I never questioned His presence in the midst of my circumstances…and that's a hard pill to swallow.

Even now, in the 14th week of this unexplainable, unpredictable pregnancy, I need and CLING to that reality found right there in Genesis chapter 1 – God has it covered. I can't answer why or how or even what the next day will bring…but God is in control and God has it covered.

If you are scared – God has it covered.

If you are anxious – God has it covered.

If you are hurt – God has it covered.

If you are celebrating – God has it covered.

If you need a way out – God has it covered.

If you need to trust – God has it covered.

If you are filled with joy – God has it covered.

So, if you ever get to the point where you are wondering if God has it covered, look up at the sky, wave to the sun and smile. God had it covered from the very beginning of time…he has you covered too.


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