We Are On A Roll!

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

It's Saturday. Just 4 days ago I was told, “Bethany, consider yourself in FULL remission… No cancer, no CIDP and recovering from what we believe was incorrectly treated GBS.” Those words hit me hard…I just sat there, glazed over thinking, “If I actually choose to believe this, what will happen next?” Pure optimism at its finest.

Then I realized that I started this health insanity exactly one year ago this August. I should complete -God willing- my follow-up treatment the first week of August. Look where God has taken me these past few months…just amazing.

Tonight, I am happy to report that our ENTIRE family made it up to Orlando for the North American Christian Convention! A week ago, that trip seemed impossible…yet, there we were! I drove up with the boys Wednesday, completed the volunteer shift in the children's area just in time to meet Steve for dinner! We actually skipped out on a few sessions and “Refreshed” ourselves through the generous use of the motel pools, hot tub and amazing cable TV (the boys LOVED HBO Family…I had no idea they even had such a thing!). We really had a BLAST simply reconnecting as a family…a much NEEDED getaway!

Tonight, I met with a friend and then headed out to get groceries for the week…made dinner and then brownie sundaes for Steve and the boys! Josh told us “You are the best mommy and daddy ever! I love you!” I recorded it for later use 🙂

Things are really going great right now in Boring Land. I have thought about posting quite a few times, but why when I could be spending time with Steve and the kids? After a year of not physically being able to wrestle on the floor, cook, go for bike rides, go swimming, climb a few stairs, dance, give piggy-back rides….well, I've realigned my priorities. You, reader, are lower on the list…swallow that one nicely. I will still be updating, especially when I start working on a more regular basis again. Until then, I'm cherishing this time I have been given to focus on my husband, my kids and growing closer together as a healthy family!

Thank you PBCC leadership and PBCC family for giving our family this time for reconnecting and healing…what an amazing blessing it has been so far!

PS – I am now on Twitter! Follow me @bethanyboring


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