The Crossroads

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow is another one of them D-days for me. Dumb D-Days! You know…a day that puts you out of the crossroads and (hopefully) firmly sets your feet on the road you are supposed to take.

I've had my share of these days over the past 12 months…days I knew I was going to receive scan results, days of starting new treatment, days waiting to hear if I was going to be discharged…

But I'm really feeling like tomorrow is different. Partly, because I feel different. The other part has to be faith that God has chosen His timing, right now, to make things clear.

Let me explain…

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I started out Thursday in the doctors office – first getting much needed settings changed on my pacemaker (breathing much better now!), completed a scan to reveal no swelling at all remains where my tumors once lived…and the important absence of the invaders themselves! I was given a heart ultrasound just to make sure everything was indeed present and functioning…which it was. I then headed home to pack a bag and headed to start the new treatment booked for that afternoon. I had plasmapheresis, which is a procedure used to remove the infected plasma antibodies and refresh them with new, un damaged ones. The procedure went through the afternoon into the morning. I felt exhausted, but energetic. I was breathing easier. My heart rate was normal (as in not setting off the machine – so much so they stopped the procedure just to make sure everything was indeed connected…it was). My assigned nurse was Nick. Because of my insane health, I'm assigned a nurse that usually stays nearby during my stay. Nick was great company. Friday afternoon he admitted his boredom (due to my lack of activity…which is a VERY good thing) that he gave my hair a makeover! I really needed a funky new look! He did this during my brief IVIG treatment.

Between my treatments I received a NORMAL EKG and a higher EMG than has ever been recorded for me (measures electricity response in the muscle…means I'm getting reflexes back!). Long story incredibly short, there is a high chance that I could have been battling GBS, not CIDP. GBS can be a very serious form of CIDP if not treated – it can even lead to temporary paralyzation. It is believed in my case that last August my symptoms started and by September I has having a hard time walking. Because they though this was CIDP, I was given IVIG treatments which can simply put the most damaging effects of GBS at bay. GBS can attack any muscle (in my case the heart) which lead to much of the issues I encountered. the best part about GBS, once it is treated with plasmapheresis, it is commonly a done deal. No ivig reoccurrence. No pain meds. For me, IF it is ruled that this was GBS, I will be undergoing weekly check ups to get my heart back to handling more difficult tasks…from sitting to standing…eventually jogging. You can see now why I'm praying for this to be GBS…I still have recovery…but it will be just that, recovery.

Tomorrow I will have another EKG and EMG. The results will determine how my case will be treated from here on out. I'm hoping they will label me under being “in recovery from GBS”…but if it is determined CIDP is there…I'm still feeling great which means we found another course to take!

I love Joyce Meyers thought today – When David faced Goliath, he didn't focus on how dangerous Goliath was, he talked about how great God is. Don't talk fear, talk faith!

Pray for me!! I know you are!!!


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