Starting To Like What I See

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

PICTURES – It was overcast today, so the whole family stayed home. Play-Doh time with my boys was a huge hit!!

After last weeks hospital stay, my viewpoint of my abilities was crossed several times over with bright yellow caution tape. Since last Thursday, the only “activity” I've been allowed to do is walk, slowly, through the house IF NEEDED. Rest to me is beyond challenging as I think about the day passing me by. I'm a goal setter and achiever…don't give me a goal and not expect me to meet it. Resting was not a good option for the hare and I just felt it didn't have much of a place in my lifestyle.

That is, my old lifestyle. The one that determined the days outlook by the number of needs met. The one that thought a completed to-do list meant a huge successful day. The one that just assumed somehow God would prevent me from dealing with the long-term side effects of CIDP, my pacemaker, chemo and radiation. God gave me the warning signs…shoot, I even wrote a post about it hours before heading to the ER! Funny how God takes matters from us when He feels we can't make the best decision ourself.

I've learned so much this week WHY rest is essential for any person, but especially the Christian leader:

– Our bodies require rest…it's not an option but God made it necessary.

– Rest disrupts the daily cycle and allows us to asses our priorities. Mine was out of wack in many areas…and it only took me a few hours to get to that conclusion! Furthermore, use your time of rest to determine new boundaries and priorities that will guide your time effectively.

– Rest forces stillness, welcomes quietness and allows us to really hear God so much easier. I felt like Job did as God just displayed His amazing awesomeness and authority through my quiet time this week. I was too much trying to control my own life before to take notice of His guiding in my life.

– Rest keeps us sane. The mind needs a break too. I was amazed after one day home without needs to meet, how much clearer my thinking was. Less distractions present better focus.

I could go on…but these sharply shoot down my reasons for not stopping. What was I thinking…oh that's right, I'm not sure if I was thinking clearly by that point!

Yesterday was fun. I got up late, rushed the kids out the door, stopped at a yard sale and got a HUGE bargain of boys clothes and toys, rushed back home for new microwave to be installed (the guys even wired it for us…they weren't supposed to, but they liked me! Yay for making our seller give us a home warranty!), rushed to Walmart to get groceries, ran to the school to get the boys, unloaded groceries, unloaded boys, put groceries away, put boys down for a nap, fun student came over to visit, fun friend with kids playmate came over too, kids played, adults talked, pest control guy came, pest control guy offered to give us a free tent so daddy can take Josh camping in the backyard (WOW!), friends leave, pest control guy leaves, Steve comes home, I prepare dinner, kids eat, kids bathed, kids happily watching movie, adults eat, student and I run a few errands, drop fun student off at parents house….talk to parents for a while (good friends), drive home, get a call in the driveway which lasts an hour…and finally back inside for the night. See…not too bad….AND had a great time with Steve this weekend! Sometimes you just need to drop everything and laugh with your spouse…that was our weekend! That's why I didn't blog and yea…family rules over blog anyway 🙂

Tomorrow I'm officially free…but I'm making myself start slow. I'm learning how much more energy, enthusiasm and life I have after this week! Rest makes me a person people enjoy better…go figure!

Pray for me tomorrow (Sunday) that I indeed start slow and honor the boundaries I have put up in my life this week. Pray that God continues to reveal how this new plan is supposed to go. Pray that I am patient to hear His answer and move (or not move) accordingly.

To the unknown we go….

Walking by faith and not by sight…




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