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Becoming Dependant

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A few days ago, a friend asked me a question that caught me so off guard I literally had no response (and for those who know me well, no response is rare…no response for more than a day is my nice way of ignoring the question altogether). The question was, “Bethany, how have you grown the most through these health trials?” You see, if she would have asked simply “How have you grown” my answers would be easy…but she added the term “most.” I was floored. I didn't have just one answer. What was she thinking? How was I really supposed to answer a question like that?

And then God showed up. You know, like He always does. As I've been chewing on that thought this entire week, God has been at work in a big way. Funny how we fail to see these things until after the fact (but we at least notice them…right?).

Today, Josh spiked a fever and I got the call from the preschool shortly after noon telling me I needed to pick him up…now. I rush over to find Josh sitting still (yep, he's sick) and red in the face. I pack him up and I remember his whimpering voice saying, “Mommy, please don't let go of my hand. I need you mommy.” At the time, I was looking up a friend's number who was watching Caden to give her the news we would be over shortly…but I heard his comment and gripped his hand tightly. On our way to grab Caden, he just stared into space in his little seat…my heart melted. My little guy really wasn't feeling well. I knew he was going to be fine…but he didn't. We picked Caden up and off to home we went. Along the journey I heard, “Mommy, am I sick?” from Josh. “Yes” I replied…”But mommy is here and you know mommy makes…” Josh interrupted “You make things better Mommy! That's why you are mommy!” I smiled even though he said this half with it. He meant it.

We got home and confirm his high temp and start the medication. I got Josh to lay down just long enough for me to get Caden down for a nap. As I found myself lying next to Josh, he kept nudging closer…and closer…and closer until he was making ME hot too! I held him briefly, then reassured him over a dozen times I would still be right here in the house when he woke-up (there were times he thought I would be home when I was at treatment…this has been a battle of reassurance with him ever since these episodes). As I closed the door I heard him whisper “Mommy, I love you.”

After nap time he got more medication and he ate a good dinner too…we spent time outside swinging together, hugging….he was definitely not my indapendant 4 year old…but as a mommy, I didn't care…I was LOVING IT!!! Why? Because I know soon enough he will start feeling better and want to run and play again. Soon, he will realize how many more things he can do by himself. Soon, he will really mean it when he says, “Mommy, I don't need you” (and yes, I've already heard those words before from him!). These moments where he was giving me permission to be close to him, provide for his needs and show him my love…well, shoot, I'll take it!

As Josh went to bed, he was playing with my phone for a second and asked me to sing the bedtime song. It's Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous? Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord Your God will be with you wherever you go.” I've been singing this to him ever since he was a baby as a moms prayer to God saying, “Please make him strong and courageous…be with him wherever he goes.” All of the sudden I heard my singing…Josh had recorded my voice on my phone! He said, “Mommy, you need to hear the song too ya know.” I remembered choking up a few times during the last few months singing that song to him thinking, “God, I'm singing this for him, but yea…I know it's for me tonight.” It was almost like God was planting a seed right then and there.

Then I started my Quiet Time…my time just me and God (when Steve studies). Tonight I was digging into Luke 11 and 12, preparing for Sunday and generating ideas…but I read through the entire passage three times for personal growth before I think of an application and write a lesson for our elementary kids. We are going through the book of Luke as a congregation on Sundays and I write the lesson every week for our elementary group. It's been SO much fun!

Tonight I got to this point and just froze. See if you can guess why:

Then, turning to his disciples, Jesus said, “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food to eat or enough clothes to wear. For life is more than food, and your body more than clothing. Look at the ravens. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds! Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? And if worry can't accomplish a little thing like that, what's the use of worrying over bigger things? (DID YOU CATCH THE POINT HERE? GOD HAS THE LITTLE AND BIG THINGS COVERED…SO, YOU DON'T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THAT ANYMORE! WHEW…WHAT A LOAD OFF!)

“Look at the lilies and how they grow. They don't work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are. And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith? (REMINDS ME OF GOD TALKING TO JOB. LONG STORY SHORT, GOD IS IN CONTROL. HE LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER UNDERSTAND. TRUST HIM WHEN HE SAYS HE WILL MEET YOUR NEEDS…TRUST COMES THROUGH FAITH!).

“And don't be concerned about what to eat and what to drink. Don't worry about such things. These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers all over the world, but your Father already knows your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need. (GOD KNOWS OUR NEEDS…JUST STOP AND THINK ABOUT THAT. GOD KNOWS YOUR NEEDS. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN FROM HIM. BY FOCUSING ON HIM, WE TAKE THE FOCUS OFF OF US AND GOD DEFINES OUR NEEDS. MAKES SENSE IF OUR FOCUS WAS COMPLETELY SELF-CENTERED…RIGHT?).

“So don't be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.I LOVE THIS! DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRUST IN HIS PROMISES…THIS LANGUAGE REMINDS ME OF A DAD TALKING TO HIS KIDS…HENCE SEEN THROUGH MY HUSBAND STEVE AND OUR KIDS!).

“Sell your possessions and give to those in need. This will store up treasure for you in heaven! And the purses of heaven never get old or develop holes. Your treasure will be safe; no thief can steal it and no moth can destroy it. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. (Luke 12:22-34 NLT). IF YOUR TREASURE IS FOUND IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST, THAT'S SOMETHING THAT CAN'T EVER BE TAKEN AWAY OR DESTROYED. THE TRUST THAT GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, LOVES YOU AND HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE…LIVING IN THIS WAY AND GROWING IN THIS TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER WILL CHANGE YOUR HEART, IT WILL DEFINE YOUR VALUES AND IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE WORTH LIVING TO THE FULL.

By now, you may see where all of this is headed. If not, allow me to tie up the lose ends here. How have I grown the MOST through my recent health issues? My answer – My dependency on God has grown past the realization that He simply meets all my needs, but now it is simply He is all I need. It's my dependency on God that has grown the most.

A few months ago, sitting there in the doctors office learning about 4 letters CIDP that would change my life forever…I gripped Gods hand right then and there and said, ” Daddy, please don't let go.” During my treatments I saw His face through the doctors and patients I came to meet and share with. His presence wasn't just felt by JUST me…but by others in that very center too. I remember the day I was told that 2 tumors were found in my brain…I literally came home, shut the bedroom door and sobbed. God was there too. I felt Him through the friend that visited that very evening and spoke Truth and hope into my life. During chemo treatments, I literally remember saying, “God I love you but I really don't understand this.” That very day several people confronted me of how my life had impacted theirs. A few days later I met Sarah…now a friend that I had the honor of saying, “Welcome to the family of God” for the first time. That day when I could barely walk because of my pain, tears streaming down my face, God heard me as I held cards written by friends, filled with the exact words of encouragement I needed. That day that the scan came back clear…I found myself in bed sick again, but within seconds my Facebook wall started sounding off praises to God…it was like a united worship service.

During this entire health ordeal, I've felt SO much like my son has today. I've wanted nothing else but to crawl into the lap of God and say, “Hold me tight and never let me go…please!” I found myself no longer concerned by petty worries of the past…I just wanted to survive. I had several days that I would click on my Bible app and just hit the “Play” button (struggling to read…so it read it to me…LOVE THIS!!!) and literally God would speak right into what was going on through the Words. I always felt like God was saying, “Everything will be okay…I'm in control, you are not.” Yet…I was extremely nervous as to His definition of “Okay” meant…yet, eventually, I didn't care. Knowing He was simply there. Knowing He was choosing to work through this in ways I never thought possible. Believing that He would meet my needs, He knows my name, He knows my fears, He sees who I am in Him…shoot, my Creator is the only One who has any right to tell me my purpose! When I understood God was touching lives through these health issues, I just literally stopped my inward focus and started seeking His will for my life.

You see, Josh will most likely wake-up tomorrow ready to tell me that he can handle things just fine on his own. Yet, tomorrow I will wake-up with the renewing of my mind saying, “God, this is a new day. Yesterday is gone and forgiven. Today, possibilities are endless. You alone have met my needs. Show me Your will for this day – wreck my plans and may my heart beat for Yours.” I'm not going through chemo. I'm starting CIDP treatment next week and really, health issues are looking very promising at this point. Life is great by the worlds standards…but I've learned that my life is absolutely nothing, meaningless, empty and pointless without my growing relationship with Christ. It still blows me away that this relationship is even possible! I feel like if I had not gone through these last few months of just gut wrenching trials, I would not be where I am today in my dependence on Him…and in return, my deeper relationship with those that are closest to me.

My treasure indeed cannot be destroyed. I will still faulter, no doubt there…but my dependency on Him will truly never be shaken. That is worth much more to me…more than anything this world could ever offer. When your mind is focused, your heart is open and God can be seen in so many ways…God can use you the way He intended to before we got distracted thinking we could manage this gig ourselves.

I'm far from perfect.

I will fall.

I will mess up.

I will let others down…including myself.

I will do things I regret.

I will be hurt by others.

I will hurt people I care about.

BUT…I will never forget to WHO I belong, to WHOSE plan I get to be a very tiny part of, to WHO desired a relationship with me and to WHO created me for the very purpose of being used for His glory.

Did I mention this is open to anyone…as in you too? How self-centered of me! Don't just read, join in the journey. What can it hurt? Define yourself by Truth that cannot be taken away. Understand your life has a purpose so much bigger than you could ever imagine (you know you have thought, “Is this really all there is?” – Guess what? There is more!). Take God at His Word as seen above that He cares for YOU…yes…YOU and that your NEEDS are KNOWN to HIM and WILL BE MET BY HIM. Quit worrying! renew your trust daily (hourly if you are anything life me) and start seeing the world, this life through a very different viewpoint.

My relationship with God has not grown stronger…God never changed. I learned to take Him at His Word and really TRUST Him to do what He said He would in the first place. So, I grew more dependent on Him. The choice is ours…it's sure been a life changing experience for me!



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I wrote the following email to a friend wanting a “quick update” and for time sake, I’m just including it here! Monday was a GREAT day! Read on to see why…and what up next! 
Written Monday, May 21st…

I got a call at 8:20 this morning from Dr A saying I could Skype with a few
doctors on the national CIDP/GBS Foundation IF I could get there at 9…I
dropped both kids off and didn’t kill anyone…by the grace of God I was
EVER BEEN AT!!!! I met with Dr A, 2 drs from cardio, my neuro team and 2
reps from the cancer center (I don’t get why they were there now that I
think about it…). On Skype was the team from Atlanta and the CIDP/GBS
foundation director (going BLANK on his name right now). Literally, I’m
sitting amongst this circle of doctors, both in person and on screen…and I
was comfortable! Weird…of course. To me, it was just another meeting. 

Dr. A retold my story (with assistance from neuro, cardio and Atlanta) and I
just wish I could have taped it. It was literally like I was a bug on the
wall…they were talking ABOUT me but not TO me…and most of it went
something like, “In normal cases we would do this…but in Bethany’s unique
situation…” I just smiled. I watched the awe struck gaze of the guy from
the Foundation…he just seemed…hopeful. He later asked me to stand, walk
around, do a few exercises…I remember looking back at him and he had the
same look on his face that many did when I started walking after my first set of treatments. He shared later that given my test results, I shouldn’t be walking
without assistance. He used the phrase, “Young lady, you defeated all of the
odds” and Dr A added, “Heck, she defeated all the evens too!” Everyone
laughed…I cracked up…I think Dr. A is finally getting it. 

Long story short – my test last week revealed I have lost permanent feeling
in the majority of both feet (which I knew…just didn’t realize it was
permanent) and the longer the CIDP goes untreated, the worse permanent
damage occurs. I should not have my balance. I should not be walking
anywhere near as well as I am…ALL of the doctors were just silenced by
this today…it was a God moment. You sit there and see the numbers and
facts…and then you look at what is…and go, “Okay, the test results were
accurate…so the patient is a twin.” A few of the doctors even referred to
that??!! Dr A even stayed! I couldn’t quit smiling…I still can’t!!! 

Anyway, the guys from the Foundation have a type of IVIG that is designed
for long-term use, without the risk of brain swelling (a side-effect of my
current type that is an issue with my low spinal fluid issues). Brain
swelling adds a greater risk for future tumor formation as well as creates
the perfect environment for cancerous tumors to spread. This new type is
just as invasive (if not more) without the chemo, but with steroids and
protein that help recover muscle function as well as help with the CIDP
restriction of damaged nerves in the brain. In short sense, this type is
more of a long-term solution which has no side-effects to brain tumor
patients. AND…pending on how well the first treatments go, I could get to
the point where I can just get a shot, instead of an IVIG treatment! OH HOW

The CIDP Foundation guy (Roger) did mention that he only knew of one other
man that had both CIDP and one brain tumor…and he passed away on the
operating table. He was so glad Dr A went the direction that he did and
decided NOT to operate. After telling him about my pacemaker hospital stay, Roger
was even more appreciative. He was such a great encouragement reminding me
that my life is something special. That’s really how I feel right now…this
is my second chance at life…what will I do with it? 

Not sure when the first round of treatment will be in. I do know I go more
than 2 days in a row and the feeling is similar to chemo…BUT NO HAIR
LOSS!!!! YAY!!!!! My hair is FINALLY coming back…I literally cried when
they mentioned that! I’ll take feeling sick…just let me keep my fuzzy head

It was determined that my pacemaker is causing unnecessary pain, thus has
overworked its standards. I will need to go through the hell of another
procedure again…sometime in the future…but not until this CIDP can be
effectively controlled. The risk is just too great right now…I’m good with
waiting! Plus the cardio team wants to see what effect the new treatment has on the pacemaker (it has the capability of removing the cardio issues I’ve been having too!). 

—————– End of Email ————–
Later edit – At this point I am scheduled for treatment on Tuesday and it may just be one BIG treatment in the afternoon. They are planning to do another rescan late morning and treatment starting around 12:30. 
I just can’t quit smiling. Life is so fast. There are so many people, events, places and things that desire our attention…and truth is, they all can’t have it. As I continue down my road of this second chance of life, I’m realizing how powerful our minds are in our everyday contentment. The more I dig into Gods Word, the more I’m reminded that I am HIS, I am LOVED, I am FORGIVEN, I was bought with a PRICE, my life is NOT a mistake, I am NOT going to be on this earth forever, God has a PLAN a HOPE and a PURPOSE for my life….filling my mind with these Truths on a daily basis keeps me going and keeps me focused. Sometimes we trip and fall because our mind is focused on the wrong things…so, I have to ask – where is your mind? 
The Truth, His Truth really does set you free! You are not defined by your sickness, by your strength, by your kids, by your job, by your marriage…by your past regrets, your mistakes, your accomplishments…in reality, this LIFE of yours doesn’t even define you because it never was YOUR life anyway…you got life from the Creator of life…how much more abundant, unpredictable, amazing…how much more complete would your life be if we lived in the daily closeness of the very God that made us from the start? Huge question to chew on…. 
Have a great week friends…
You are bought “as-is” now go have a life being (a continual daily process) used as HIS! 

Use Your Head

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Does your mind ever cause you to stumble? Mine does.

Perhaps you (or someone you know) can take a problem and literally work it from every possible angle and not rest until an answer is readily obvious. For me, it can be something as simple as unpacking a box and finding items that, truthfully, should have been tossed a few months…years ago. After determining that neither the kids or Steve had missed any of the contents, Goodwill was more than happy to accept the package (and even kept the box…less work for me!).

But sometimes, well, most times, those with brains wired like mine tend to examine harder, deeper, much more complex issues that don't have an easy, set do-it-yourself solution. This completes my first week as full-time single parent, full-time family minister and full-time supporting wife of a second-time college student (Steve will have 2 degrees…I have absolutely no motivation to go back to school anymore!). I'll be truthful, tonight has been my best energy-held evening all week. I get up at 6:45AM…well, Josh is most likely waking me before 6:30. I get dressed, Josh gets dressed, he brings his socks out to me, I get breakfast ready for both boys, put Josh's socks on, get Caden up and dressed, throw any soiled laundry in the washer, clean-up breakfast, brush everyone's teeth, comb hair (mine is perfect by the way!) grab shoes, grab lunches, get in the van and go. Today the sprinkler system kicked-on right when all 3 of us were by the van…the boys loved it, I didn't. I literally slammed the driver door shut, sitting dripping wet in my seat…furiously texting Steve reminding him to change the stupid timer settings (again)…and all of the sudden Josh started laughing, then Caden, then…after a longer delay, I added in. AsI looked at my boys, shaking their wet heads as water drops flew on the windows of our van, I started reassessing my thinking. Was I literally trying to solve a problem by timing everything out just right…or was I missing this opportunity God has given me to really bond with my kids?

I've been chewing on that moment all day…and smiling.

I have a LOT to be irritated with. Dr. A has refused to sign-off of my IVIG treatment, the second request in 3 weeks. The first request was eventually signed, but then the company the IVIG was being ordered from folded. Thus, we started again. New tests needed to certify my condition. Once those results were recorded Dr A was asked to sign-off…and he has delayed. His delay is a cautious one I admit, knowing the fight these tumors have been in my life…why add the risk of them returning through medication? However, the type of IVIG I am having should only need one treatment…the same as before…and after a few days much of my ongoing pain is gone. So, after this week of a few sleepless nights plus an overflowing schedule, increasing pain…well, you can imagine my view of this situation. Tomorrow is his deadline…I'm praying that he signs or suggests another pain treatment because there is NO WAY I'm going through this again next week!

BUT THEN…right when I sat down for my quiet time tonight (yes, I actually had that tonight…I was excited too!) I found myself caught-up in this downward spiral of negativity. Why did Josh put his pull-up inside 2 pairs of shorts inside his hamper? Why was Caden SO clingy? I'm in so much pain! How in the world do we have this much laundry? Why are they mad that I didn't call them back…I think I'll call them now at 10PM at night and see if that works in their schedule! Why don't my pain meds work? I'm too tired. I can't do this. I hate you Dr. A! Why can't I just get rid of this CIDP like the brain tumors and everything else! God what are you doing? Why are you making me go through this?

You can see how easy my mind drifts…sometimes, if I'm not careful, it can take control of an entire day…an entire few days even. Ever been there?

My quiet time tonight involved a very interesting devotion, which led me to a passage I have read several times before, but tonight it literally stopped me:

You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.

Though he was God,

he did not think of equality with God

as something to cling to. Instead, he gave up his divine privileges;

he took the humble position of a slave

and was born as a human being.

When he appeared in human form, he humbled himself in obedience to God

and died a criminal's death on a cross. Therefore, God elevated him to the place of highest honor

and gave him the name above all other names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father. (Philippians 2:5-11 NLT)

You, if you are a Christian, cannot read that without being humbled. Suddenly, everything that you feel has entrapped you just fades away. In the midst of your current problems, past failures, regrets – things that were done to hurt you and even those moments you hurt others…those unresolved problems come to clear focus here. Suddenly, you remember Who you are in Christ and more than the reality that HE CHOSE YOU FIRST, HE CHOSE HIMSELF LAST. (Oh no she didn't….Oh yes, I did.). This Jesus, God in the flesh and salvation to all, did NOT come to be served, but to serve others…and for those who find their identity based on their relationship with Christ, in reality, all is forgiven, all is made new and we should live our life in freedom – sharing this reality with others too.

Sometimes I think we get this assumption in our worldly head that we deserve better. After all, look around you. Everywhere you look, people are wanting bigger houses, higher paying jobs, a quicker cure, better food, easier weight-loss and somehow God gets blamed when it doesn't quite work out the way WE had planned. Somewhere along the line we Christ-followers have turned into Christ-watchers going, “What can God do for ME today?”

What if our mind centered on, “What is God doing through my life today?” Sometimes WE don't need to solve problems that we see as needing a solution. Sometimes we need to take a breather, re-center our mind and go, “Okay God, clearly I'm not in control…I'm not just giving you the wheel here, but you own this life…take it, mold it and use it for Your glory.” Sometimes blessings truly are our “problems” in disguise.

What are you trying to solve today? Where is your mind going right now? Consider this as your opportunity to re-center your focus and be used for Him today. Don't let the day of opportunity slip away!

Birthday and Mothers Day

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Quick update on my last few hours. Today is my birthday…I'm 30 and

it's also Mothers Day!

Started celebrating on Friday when we all went out to

Applebee's…Steve got back from UCF early! Last night I met up with a

student and headed to Coldstone, the beach and then Walmart for gummy

worms. Today, I received a personalized notebook (Thanks Dana) and

several greetings. The boys took me to Moes for lunch and I had a

brand new fire pit sitting on our patio when I got home! Steve just

made a red velvet cake…no doubt I've gained a few pounds this


Tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary! We have no plans with Steve

starting school…but hopefully we can getaway sometime in December

when he has his 3 week break!

Leg pain still with me…but slept well last night! Another neuro

appointment tomorrow!

Eeeeewwwww…feeling old…

Finding A Place

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Sitting on the recliner this Friday afternoon – the house is silent. I worked this morning and then decided to get the boys early just to spend more time together. After a quick run to Staples, we made it home and now both are napping. I decided this was going to be one day I wasn't going to touch a single box to unpack…I think we all need a break from unpacking.

These past few weeks have been fast-paced as we sorted through our old house, packed-up what we wanted and moved into our new house. Everything in our crowded garage screams, “Find me a place” – yet, not everything will make the cut. I've laughed so many times during this process…finding one of the first pictures ever taken of Steve and I as a couple…we both had longer hair then! I came across the bread maker we got from Goodwill within the first year of our marriage…Steve LOVED making homemade white bread and slapping on some peanut butter once it was made! I found DVDs that we used to watch all the time…I'm still thinking about selling these being that Netflix is everywhere now! I found notes written to me from my pen-pal in Arizona…we started writing after my high school missions trip…the last letter was her thanking me for the friendship over 10 years…CRAZY! Each letter was handwritten…even after I had email, it was still the most fun way to go! So many memories!

We have also been trying to find our new place as a family too. Steve started traveling to UCF in Orlando on Wednesday. This will be a change…I will be working and taking care of the kids pretty much by myself for the next 15 months. However, after three days, I think we have the morning routine down! Josh gets up (with the sun I guess) and puts on his clothes we together pick out the night before. Then he comes to show me, I wake-up and get his breakfast going. While he is eating, I get dressed and Josh is done eating right as I am done too! We make his lunch together then let him watch tv while I get Caden up and dressed and fed! The boys have both learned the routine…it helps the morning feel not as rushed! I joined a community choir and the boys LOVE listening to the music in the minivan on our way to preschool! Too funny…but it gives me time to practice!!

My CIDP has really been all over the place! The week we moved, I was in horrible pain…to the point my cardio doctor almost hospitalized me. My neuro is simply amazed that I've been walking without a cane the last few days. The cane is there as a “just in case” method…I'm definitely encouraged to use it. My pain is beyond comfort at night. Because I have been unpacking, organizing, going to work, caring for the boys…I'm exhausted…but still in pain. Some nights I just sit here in the recliner and eventually I drift off to sleep. The doctors tell me I'm getting used to the pain…which isn't a good thing. We are waiting for a new IVIG supplier, being the one we were using is no longer in business. Hopefully once ordered through USF next week, it should be in by the end of next week or the start of the following week. IT would be SO nice to have a normal sleeping routine again!

WE are enjoying our new house! Tons of new memories to be made. Out (and learning from) the old and in with the new! House warming party will be scheduled soon!!

Moved-In And Settling

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Its been a while since I've had a few minutes to update! Perhaps one

of these days I'll recount the entire saga of events leading up to

this purchase…but long story short- it was an emotional roller

coaster, but now we have a great house that's cheaper than our monthly

rent! We closed the evening of May 1st and that was our first night

living in our new home!

The guys (Steve and my dad) have been bringing furniture in, boxes in

slowly (our garage is still full!), putting light kits on the ceiling

fans and starting painting tomorrow! We got the carpet cleaned

yesterday and we have Internet being hooked-up tomorrow. Eventually,

the guys will play with the new wall mount for the tv…until then we

are detached from news…which at this point has been kind of nice!

Our really BIG projects coming up:

– get flashing on the roof (should be completed by a friend soon)

– repair a small portion of dry-wall (same friend)

– fix the boys shower (find a plumber)

– install fan bathroom vents (assuming this is electrical…not sure

who to get for that one!)

– understand how to operate the sprinkler system (we have a guy coming

out Saturday)

– garbage disposal install (not sure who to get for this one

either…not a necessity, but would make things a lot easier!!).

– get a dishwasher! Hopefully shopping tomorrow!

…unpack the rest of the garage!

So this may take a bit longer than I would have imagined…but we are

in a great house! I find myself exhausted most of the time right

now…but IVIG should help with this and my pain-level. I should get

this treatment either late next week or early the week after!

What a whirlwind! One of these days I will be able to relax…maybe…

More to come! I'm awake because I've been sleeping on the couch. Steve

accidentally purchased oil-based primer and breathing in the fumes

literally made me sick! I'm at the furthest possible point away from

nasal-contact…still not far enough!!! New house smell…NOT!!!!