Quick Update

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I wanted to update quickly. Today was rough. Treatment itself wasn't bad once it was started and because there is no ivig or any other meds allowed, it went pretty quick. I just found myself to be tired and well, irritable. People have told me in the past I have a right to feel this way, but why wreck another persons day?? I just feel like crud…I went from feeling great to crud in a matter of hours. Enough said.

MRI and radiation first thing tomorrow morning, followed by another round of chemo.

I think venturing to our hopeful house helped me a bit today…Josh and Caden were so excited and I met a neighbor that gave me a lot of peace about our possible move.

Both kids have been extremely moody today…poor Steve. Irritable wife PLUS moody kids PLUS Spring Break EQUALS…DADDY NEEDS A VACATION!!

Day 1 down…glad its over. Goodnight!

PS – If you get these posts by email, note it sends out the afternoon AFTER I post (not the day of). I'm not sure why really…so, I guess you could just visit the blog site at www.asis2asHis.com for the most recent update.

PPS Got TONS of emails and texts today!!! THANK YOU!!!!


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