What A Day

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I've been sick pretty much all day. Steve tried to take me out to see a few houses…I got sick, but we managed to see two. Can I just say I HATE house shopping??!! Normally, I somewhat enjoy it, but there are SO many things to think about, I find myself getting too frustrated…and that why Steve is really taking on the heavy load. I'm sure we will find something…

I got back to the motel…I'm staying at a motel because the boys are sick with colds and the doctor wants me nowhere near them (we cheated a little…but my dr understands)…and Steve packed cards from the mail. Today I opened over 10 cards…several of them were group cards…3 from PBCC….THESE MADE ME CRY….the kids wrote the best message! I love the one that said, “Mrs Bethany, I don't know what to say…I just miss you so much!” THIS MADE MY DAY!!!!! I call ALL of the kids I work with in ministry MY kids…they know it too!!! Now Josh and Caden have special privileges, but ALL of MY kids are welcome around our dinner table (just give me a heads-up so I can tell Steve!).

I also got cards from dads work in Kentucky, the Sunday School class at PBCC, friends here, friends in Tennessee….EVERYWHERE!! I even got some cool stick on tattoos!!! Might give em a whirl when I feel a bit better.

Every time I go to chemo I get nervous now. The CIDP is really not taking this well and being I'm off completely of my IVIG (meds for my CIDP) I'm in intense leg pain and low blood pressure issues have surfaced again which means dizziness, lightheadedness and yes, fainting. I had a spell last night, but the doctors said it was normal. It's my new normal for the next few weeks I guess.

So…pray chemo goes well tomorrow! I know I'll be sick, but it would be great if I had no blood pressure issues during or after treatment. I think it helps my clear thinking and energy level too.

BUT I am eating again! Steve brought me dinner tonight…Spaghetti Pie….I really liked it!!!! Thanks Mary and Joe!! Cards and dinner really made me feel better today. I NEEDED IT!!!

God knew what I needed, when I needed it!!!!

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  1. debra says:

    House hunting is not an easy job. I don't know if this will help as you may already have done this, but i hope it helps. Have you guys hired a real estate agent? make a list of what you want in a house, where you want to be, and list the things you do not want. Such as, number of bedrooms, size of garage, pool, or no pool, neighborhood, (we wanted a street that went, nowhere, to keep down traffic), homeowners association or not, ect. it will help the agent to find just what you want and save you having to look at houses you won't want. Hang in there 🙂

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