Quick Update

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

It just registered that I didn't update yesterday…almost didn't update today either. Nobody panic! The new chemo has really thrown me another curve all…truly, no two chemo types are alike. Tuesday I was upgraded to a private room because I completely passed out within 20 minutes of starting treatment. My regular cardiologist was not on scene, so I had to wait for him to arrive and then proceed. I never really bounced back…I was so tired I came home and slept until 7 then went to bed around midnight and slept until noon today. Tonight I kept chicken down, along with rice and a slice of bread…but I really had not eaten since….umm….okay, I was really hungry and my body decided to keep everything down.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is chemo again…then off until Monday. I do know my cardiologist is planning to meet me tomorrow morning. Leg pain is back and my head feels like it is constantly spinning. I've been reassured the spinning thing is normal and my team is beyond thrilled that I'm able to eat again. I ended up calling the doctor today just to make sure…you never know.

My energy is completely gone…boo. Not even pregnancy energy drain is this bad! I have found that Ale81 (soda from Kentucky with a boost of caffeine) helps, but I can only make it through half a can. I have re-added V8 to my drink selection and green tea is good too.

I feel like I'm rambling, so I'm getting off. Hoping tomorrow will be easier…if not, I'm making Steve update (and you know that will be REALLY short!).

HE ain't done yet….

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