What Did You Say?

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I feel like Steve and I both have asked one another that question so much lately, more times being me asking it to him.

Friday and today have just been weird and out of my routine. I like adding out of the ordinary events to my routine, but to just throw my ordinary out the window…well, that's just harsh. I still haven't managed eating solids yet, though orange juice has gone down quite easy. Tonight I'm going to try to eat a few bites of chicken Parmesan (a friend from church made this before when I was sick during treatments and this was the ONLY food I could actually get down). It really makes no sense to me really, but at this point I'm going on 5 days without food and something has to give. Weird part though…my stomach has yet to grumble…I've not felt hungry. Why can't this be my normal? That would solve so many issues for me!!!

I slept in until 1:30 today…and though I have no right to be mad about this, I was. I felt like I missed out on the day..like sleep took time away that I could have been spending with my husband and kids. Can I be mad at Steve for not waking me…no way. He has done so much this week for me and the boys. He needs a guys night…and a sitter for the kids!!

I told Steve that I wanted to find a way to get to the beach next week, without the kids, maybe in the evening since it is cooler and just watch the waves. It sounds so perfect and relaxing right now. Steve laughed…I'm sure all he heard was “Go…without the kids.” We'll see…

I'm ending here. Steve just left to take the boys to Walmart for dog food…I'm going to try to pick a few things up while they are away.


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