Quick Update While "Juicing Up!"

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Health

Post written at 1:15PM. (Posted late due to authors medicated brain)….
Its after 1pm and I’m still connected. Things never go as planned with me, but it has been nothing but laughter today…I so needed that! I ended up having my appointment at the hospital which changed my normal routine up a bit. The office that I usually go to in Mima was closed, but the doctor called me 5 minutes before I was due in regarding the location change. He ended with “I know you are edgey enough to be driving yourself to and from JUICE UPS so drive carefully.” I cracked up…juice ups? Makes it sound more enjoyable!
They got the iv going after only 5 tries (with me, that’s a small number!). I was in really intense leg pain this morning making it nearly impossible to lay still. I went around 90 minutes and had to stop. We took a break…but the pain increased. Finally I was allowed Oxycontin and after about 30 minutes I was allowed to continue the juice up.
Around this time, I met a guy named Jason Cane…I have a college friend with the same name but spelled differently. What makes this just a tad interesting is that the Jason I met today is married to a Brooke (same as college friend Jason) but todays couple met at a nightclub…his wife was a dancer there. No sooner had Jason told me this did he ask “So what do you do for a living?” After laughing and sharing about our Palm Bay Christian Church family he told me it sounded like a place he would like to check out. I told him he better…would love to see dancing during our service! I already asked him if I could blog about this…he loved it!
Just got done watching the “We Bought A Zoo” on Jason’s tablet…don’t know how he got it…but enjoyed it! …again…thanks Jason for helping pass the time! Good luck with chemo and great meeting you!
Side note to spouses…this is what happens when you stay with the kids instead of attending your spouses “Juice Up Appointments.”
More later…heading to a MRI scan soon and then hopefully home! I miss Steve and the boys!
At this point I can say yes…I’m sick but hopeful. So glad for laughter today…God truly puts amazing strangers in my life when I need it most! No, today didn’t go as planned…but kind of glad…
Has anyone seen “We Bought A Zoo”? I love the coined phrase “Why not?” Tons of illustrations running through my head right now!!!

EDIT (6PM”ish”) –
Steve said he could tell I was “under the influence” from reading my above comments. Funny.

Made it home. Exhausted. Thank you Kathy for the hot meal waiting…the boys chowed and I managed to throw a load of dishes into the washer. I didn’t attempt to eat much, but it was a huge load off of our plate after my long day away! How am I doing? Let’s just echo my comment from an earlier prep post…Thank God for Sprite! Glad to be home.

Day 1 down…4 more to go….

Joshua 1:9

  1. Bethany, you impress me daily with your witticisms, your positive outlook, and the way you keep us all informed while bringing a smile to our faces. Sure hope you don't need Sprite too much longer!

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