Welcome New Readers!

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

In a few hours I'll be sharing this new blog site with friends and family. Its my best attempt to keep everyone informed with my recent health issues and our “not anywhere close to being Boring” family life. If you are interested in keeping up to speed through email, just subscribe to the right. If you are on Facebook, Ill try to put important blog updates on my status…but no promises there!

Starting Monday I restart ivig (meds through iv) and oral treatment to relieve and control my CIDP. This week of treatment will start at 8am and as long as things go well, Ill be released around noonish. My fears about this round of treatment is that my doctors have warned me straight up that its incredibly invasive. Because of my recent cardio issues being linked to my CIDP, the doctors want to know that the treatment is correcting all issues…not just the obvious or more normal symptoms. They are not only changing my brand of ivig back to the kind I hated due to the severe sickness side effect (lasted 24 hours…but when you know its coming you can prepare) but they are doubling the amount and are toying with the infusion rate. To recap – yucky iv meds, stronger dose entering my body quicker than before! Who can't be excited about that?!

I'm in prep mode. I even drove to Publix today and got 3 liters of Sprite…thank you God for Sprite! It should get me through the week. I also have laundry done and tried to help Steve think of things he can do with the boys. With the weather getting colder next week, it really puts a damper on activities! But I was able to (not pain-free) give our oldest son Josh a bath tonight…without needing help from daddy! I REALLY miss these small things that bond me with my kids! It has been SO hard to take a backseat…this made my day! Josh is almost 4 now…he is growing-up so fast! I love my boys!

I'm learning quickly no matter how prepared I try to be or as much as I want to feel in control…nothing really helps. God is in control…I'm not just not in control now, but I never have been! So, I learned a while back to let go, let God lead and enjoy the ride. One thing I am looking forward to this week is the other patients and nursing staff I meet. Mima has done an AMAZING job making me feel at home. I'm sure I'll have a story to share soon.

After this week, I leave for a few days to reconnect with friends at the Childrens Pastors Conference in Orlando. To say I've been counting down is an understatement. I CAN'T WAIT! This has given me the extra little push I need to get through this week.

Pray that the treatment takes and holds! Pray for my courage…pray for Steve's sanity! Pray for complete healing!

Thanks for joining us on this ride!

Joshua 1:9…my verse for the week…inspired by a woman who has greatly inspired me through her words. Go serve someone and show em' Christ in a new way this week!


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