A Thought From 2 Timothy

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Bible

I’m in the process of trying to complete the Essential 100 reading plan from Youversion. It has guided me through 50 readings from both the Old and New Testament. I must admit, most days I’m really excited to see what’s next. Even the most known passages to me, have been given new light.

Today’s passage was 2 Timothy 2:1-26.

Smack dab in the middle of the reading, Timothy rubs his eyes and reads, “(verse 11) This is a trustworthy saying: If we die with Him,
we will also live with Him.
If we endure hardship,
we will reign with Him.
If we deny Him,
He will deny us.
If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful,
for He cannot deny who He is” (verses 11-13). NLT (my favorite translation).

Everything was going along great for me here, until I go to those last 2 lines dealing with HIS faithfulness and our lack of it at times. Ever been there? Ever been going through the battle of life, fighting on the front lines and then finding yourself going, “Am I all alone now?” Most of us have…I’ve been there several times.

I really enjoyed reading this. I pictured myself sitting and talking with my Coach. He was saying…
“Bethany, it you die with Me, you will also live with Me.”
ME…”Yep…right on!”
“Bethany, if you endure hardship, you will reign with Me.”
ME: “That sounds great…I’m there!”
“Bethany, if you deny ME, I will deny you.”
ME: “I understand. I never want to be ashamed of You.”
“Bethany, if you are unfaithful, I will always remain faithful, for that is what I am.”
ME: “I don’t deserve that…but I’ll take it!” (I still feel like I need to disagree more here…what do you mean you will be faithful even if I’m not? That’s not right…you can’t ALWAYS love me no matter what! Are you kidding me?)

But He is faithful. He does love His children, no matter what. There is nowhere you can go that can’t escape His love.

I don’t know about you…but that’s a pep-talk I could get everyday. It’s reality right in the face. Give it to me straight and don’t hold anything back.

He never does hold anything back from those who love Him.

I really enjoyed this reading today…hope you enjoyed it too! Have a great day friends!


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