When You Can’t Speak…

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I lost my voice…enough said, literally.

All day I’ve been trying to get a few last minute things done…on my day off…perhaps its God’s way of saying, “Bethany, if you are not going to be quiet, I’ll have to help you.”

Stop and rest. It’s a concept I STILL struggle with and it seems to happen that at least twice a year now I lose my voice (usually in conjunction with a cold as in this case) and it forces me to just relax for a bit.

I find that annoying actually…

Steve asks me questions…I can’t answer.
I get a call from a friend…”Are you sick.”…umm..yea…I’ll get back to you later!
Josh just whispers back at me now….EVERYTHING SEEMS QUIETER!!!!

Yet, God does want us to stop (by our OWN doing) and rest…just BE with Him. I try my best to have my time with Him everyday before the insanity of life begins…and really, my day is not functional without this daily conversation with Him.

But see, that’s my problem….

So often times its a conversation…not just me listening to Him…until times like this that I get the subtle reminders that my voice is really not needed.

I’ll be doing a lot more listening this weekend…it really does do a body good (not counting a marriage and a ministry good too!).


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