One Book I Keep Reading…And Always Keeps Me Thinking

Posted: August 27, 2010 in books

It’s a book I read back in Illinois and really changed my view of ministry as a whole.

The book is…

7 Practices Of Effective Ministry

And for the cheaters out there…here’s a link to a PDF that flies through the main points of the book:

DISCLAIMER – I’m not a big book kind of person. Really. Think about it…I have 2 kids both under the age of 2, a full-time ministry position, a husband earning his RN degree through hectic college courses and no family anywhere close (which means when they are close they visit for a while…and when they are not close we rely on one another to get things done). POINT BEING…If I find time to read, the book is going to be SHORT, INTERESTING, EFFECTIVE and most of all…PRACTICAL! I don’t have time for “fun” reading anymore (though I kind of wish I could). Instead, I need to read things that get my mind going, re-centers my focus and calling to ministry as a whole.

A few weeks ago I picked this book back up and truth be told I’ve been done for a week now…just been spending my quiet time trying to apply these principles to my thinking and the family ministry at PBCC.

Every ministry is going somewhere…this book provides the right questions and strategies to get everyone going in the right direction.

So…would love to see a few of my volunteers give this a read…anyone up to the challenge??


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