Getting Ready For Another Year…

Posted: August 25, 2010 in ministry

Its Wednesday night and that means Kmotion (Kids In Motion) is back in full swing. As I was getting things ready for our second week back, I started getting the name tags out for our fearless leaders…or perhaps I like to call them recruits…they don’t want to be called “leaders” (too much responsibility) but a volunteer, to me, doesn’t put into words how these fine men and women literally make ministry happens. They are not just the back bone to the children’s ministry…they are the children’s ministry. I get paid to think of the ideas, recruit, train, motivate and counsel…then they help make ministry happen. I’m not saying my job here is easy either…I’ll save that for another post.

As I put each lanyard on the table today, I started praying for our volunteers. I started thinking how each is either busy with kids, school, job…or a few have all three! Yet, I watch as they enter, most of the time with caffeine in hand and I feel blessed to have volunteers who LOVE doing what they do. We have teachers that are gifted at putting together lessons that are hands-on and interactive. We have 2 teens that are devoting their next 5 weekends (Saturday and Sunday AND Wednesdays) training to learn the church’s tech booth. We have one volunteer that literally went out on a limb and bought crafts and prizes for our Country Party last week…because “she loves parties!”…and she loves our kids! Another volunteer is putting together the motions to every song, while teaching and pregnant! Another scheduled doing real estate school to be completed so she could help with our program!

I could go on…and on…

I can’t wait for another year! I really do LOVE our Wednesday night volunteers (recruits!). Ministry happens WITH you!!!!


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